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In the Beginning

Well here we are!

At the humble beginnings of yet another webcomic. Since I can't draw for crap, I'm using 3D renders to make this happen -a lot of photoshop. I've seen a few 3D comics out there, but they're sparse, and most of them are regarded as mediocre at best. I'm hoping to bring something fresh and new to the table.

I'm no pro 3D artist. In fact I can hardly do modeling and texturing. But what I can do is posing, design, and manipulation. I rely entirely on other models I've collected over the years, and I edit them to my needs, designing characters and outfits by piecing separate models together and photoshopping textures to meet my needs, etc. I have enjoyed working up to this moment immensely. I've done a lot of research and referencing and note-taking, and now, I'm happy to finally kick things off, with a bang!

A Cover, and the first 2 pages right off the bat. I plan to update twice a week, Tuesdays and Saturdays, for as long as I can, and I've already got the next two pages ready and waiting, so, yay for being ahead of schedule ;D

(Pffff like that'll last.)

Adios Muchachos. I hope you enjoy my work.

-Valik Sparks

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