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So I received a message from a Fan (*joy*), who was disheartened at the seeming disappearance of this comic! Then I realized.. I changed the site link, didn't I XD.

See, originally I intended to just use the domain "", cause it was more concise and cool and uber-pro and stuff. Buuut that domain was a dead comic. I appealed to have the domain freed up for me, but the admins weren't replying in a timely manner, so I settled for "". Suddenly, 2 months later, the admins freed up the domain for me! So I happily swapped the link, not realizing that now "" is non existent! And any fans I may have will suddenly not be able to find the comic.. XD

So! If you're reading this that means you probably found the comic anyways, so this is all kind of redundant isn't it...


The site is now ""! Tell your friends.

- Posted by Valik Sparks on October 23rd, 2013, 6:16 pm    -   0 comments

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